Fraud Prevention

Preventive Safety Measures for Models, Clients, and Agencies

To effectively protect against fraud on an advertising portal, it’s important for models, clients, and agencies to take preventive measures. Here are extended guidelines:

  • Thorough Review of Profiles and Ads:
    All parties – models, clients, and agencies – should meticulously review ads and profiles. Pay attention to the consistency of the information.
  • Protection of Personal Data:
    It’s crucial not to disclose sensitive personal information like full addresses, banking details, or social security numbers.
  • Safety Measures for Personal Meetings:
    Meetings should be arranged in public, safe places. Models may bring a companion, and clients should inform a trusted person about the details of the meeting.
  • Payment Methods and Financial Transactions:
    Do not make advance payments or online transfers!
  • Legal Knowledge and Compliance:
    All participants should inform themselves about the legal regulations in the escort business and comply with them.
  • Reporting Irregularities:
    Any suspicious activities, profiles, or messages should be reported immediately to the portal operator. This helps ensure a safe and trustworthy platform for all users.

By following these preventive measures, models, clients, and agencies can better protect themselves from fraud.

Please report detected fraudsters so we can block them on our platform!!!

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